Alan Reid, MS, ATC, LAT

Bringing over 20 years of experience working as a certified athletic trainer with a variety of individuals from professional to youth athletes, weekend warriors, and even teaching 6 year-olds how to skip. With a philosophy of "treating the entire individual, not just the injury site" Alan is excited to work with a variety of athletes and active individuals across the area helping them Rally to Move Better and reach their optimal performance.  

Previous Work & Clinical Experience 


Presentations & Speaking Engagements 

Reid, A. (March 2023). "Cueing and mobilization to improve lower extremity rehabs" Guest Lecturer: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

Reid, A. (July 2020). “Weight rooms are not scary; Improving cueing and communication for better outcomes.” Presenter: Southwest Athletic Trainers Symposium Virtual On-Line Presentation

Reid, A, Timson, B. (February 2019). “Effects of early movement on ankle injuries and patient outcomes.” Co-Presenter: Big Sky Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Conference 

Reid, A, Timson, B. (July 2019). “Use of ankle mobilization techniques to improve function, pain and patient outcomes.” Co-Presenter: Southwest Athletic Trainers Symposium 

Reid, A, Jevas, S, Proctor, C. (July 2017). “Concussion rates and reported symptoms of high school football players wearing unequal gyro inserts.” Original Research Poster Presentation: Southwest Athletic Trainers Symposium 

Reid, A. (February 2017). “Using the S-Bar communication model to prepare students for real-time on-field evaluations.” On-Line Presentation: AT Teaching Tips Video Series - Professional Education Committee of the National Athletic Trainers Association. 

Stratton, J, Reid, A. (July 2016) “So you can do functional assessments; now what?” Co-Presenter: Southwest Athletic Trainers Symposium 

McQueen, B, Reid, A. (July 2013) “Applying FMS to real-life applications.” Co-Presenter: Southwest Athletic Trainers Symposium 

Reid, A. “From research to training; using star excursion balance test for improvements in ankle function.” Performance Soccer Conditioning, 2010;15,6:6-8 

Reid, A. (April 2010) Inguinal hernia the forgotten hernia; management and rehabilitation of an inguinal hernia: case report.” Presenter: North Texas Athletic Trainers Symposium 

Reid, A. (August 2009) “From Treatment Table to the Playing Field, Sport Specific Rehab Progressions to Decrease Re-injury Rates.Presenter: Strength & Conditioning Summit Baylor Medical Center at Frisco 

Invited Talks:

Reid, A. (January 2020). “Clinical use of balance and proprioception in rehab programs.” Guest Lecture: Duquesne University Athletic Training Education Program 

Reid, A (November 2016, 2017, 2019) “Environmental related conditions.” Guest Lecture: Texas Health Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy Fellowship Program

Reid, A. (July 2008) “Handling Basic Sports Injuries; Pointers for Coaches on How to Handle Common Sports Injuries.” Presenter: North Texas Soccer Association Summer Meetings