Rally to Move Better


Using a variety of treatment, rehab & performance enhancement techniques we can address these common musculoskeletal issues 


Massage Therapy

Variety of slow and deliberate strokes are used to address specific layers of tissue 

Cupping Therapy

Using pneumatic Myofascial Decompression Cups to release fascial adhesions, improving mobility and reducing pain 

Dry Needling

Insertion of fine filament needles into the body to stimulate a healing response 

Tool Work

Using smooth edge tools to assess and treat soft tissue lesions, which affect pain and mobility  

Joint Mobilization

Skilled passive and active movement of joint surfaces to address a joints range of motion and reduce pain 

Recovery Boots

Intermittent compression therapy has been shown to help  accelerate recovery and decrease swelling 

Red Light Therapy

Using red light & near red light wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity and reducing inflammation to optimize your body's natural healing environment    

Trigger Point Therapy

Applying direct and specific pressure to myofascial trigger points & referred pain patterns

Positional Release Technique

Manual therapy technique that resolves pain & discomfort through putting tissue in a position of comfort, similar to unkinking a chain.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Using an evidence-based approach, specific balance, strength, endurance, or power exercises are used to address musculoskeletal deficits  


Clinician assisted stretching to address tight and overactive muscles helping you improve your mobility & flexibility 

Sports Massage

Focused massage technique using both deep and light pressure to help warm-up & loosen tight muscles, improve blood flow, and improve mobility. 

Active Recovery

Incorporation of low-intensity exercise & mobility work to help increase blood flow and reduce muscle soreness post strenuous activities

Return to Play Progressions

Can be incorporated for Post-Concussion or Musculoskeletal Injuries, using a gradual progression in sport-specific movements & drills to progress pack into full participation 

Strength & Conditioning

Based on the principles of Stabilization, Strength & Power, clients will receive individualized programs to address their goals and help achieve optimal performance  

Sessions Provided By Appointment Only

Performance Enhancement & Strength Training

Performance enhancement, strength, and recovery sessions are designed to help you or a small group reach optimal performance: